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You deserve to find peace, rediscover pleasure and feel alive again. 

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You’ve tried doing it alone, and you’ve come so far on your own.

Now it’s time to get the support you need to revitalize your life, find direction, and get the relief you’ve been looking for.

We offer online support in the form of individual and couple counselling, as well as sex therapy and small-group programs.

Our wish for you is to move past your pain, stress and worry, and to find balance, joy and meaning in your life and relationships.

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 Our Services

Individual Therapy

Let's explore your concerns with care and non-judgement.

Couples Therapy

Improve communication, be a better partner, & cultivate passion in your relationship.

Sex Therapy

Get "un-fucked" about sex. Smash sexual myths & stereotypes. Rekindle desire & find your authentic sexual voice.

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Hi, I'm Leah Valian

Registered Social Worker & Certified Sex Therapist

Leah is a Certified Sex Therapist & Social Worker with over 25 years of experience. She helps couples and individuals re-learn how to enjoy their relationships and improve their lives.

Her style of counselling is influenced by her teachers - Esther Perel, Terry Real, Hedy Schliefer, Gina Ogden and Peggy Kleinplatz - as well as her BESTCO colleagues and continued learning experiences from her clients.

Registered Social Worker Ontario College of Social Workers (1997) License No. 421995

Certified Sex Therapist (BESTCO 2015)

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