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Individual Therapy

When life is overwhelming, counselling can help us to regain our balance. Our team has been on both sides of the counselling couch and we know what it’s like to discuss personal issues. We respect your courage in reaching out.

Topics often include: stress management, anxiety, depression, childhood abuse, assertiveness, self-esteem, managing feelings, parenting support, bereavement, separation & divorce, blended families, relationships, dating, polyamory, LGBTQ issues, gender identity issues

Couples Therapy

We support your efforts to improve communication, be a better partner, and promote peace in your relationship. We will tailor treatment to honor your unique story, and explore ways to manage conflict while building emotional and physical intimacy.

Common Topics: difficulty communicating, stress management, affection & connection, trust & betrayal issues, general conflict, household roles, lack of intimacy & sexual issues, blended families, co-parenting, life transitions

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is based on the guiding belief that sexuality can be a healthy, positive and rewarding part of life. Greater emotional & physical connection and intimacy are within reach.

Topics include: unmatched sexual desire, intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction & dissatisfaction, enhancing sensuality & sexual expression
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