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Do you feel like you’ve lost your spark, your radiance, your desire -- in life, at work, or in the bedroom?

“Heterosexual women as a group often come to the story of finding their desire later in life than their male partners.
For many of us, our first romantic partner explores our body before we have even done much exploration ourselves -- thus, we look at the world and ourselves through the lens of the male gaze, and find ourselves wanting.”

It’s a false start -- a journey that begins in the wrong direction -- and it’s easy to assume that there is something wrong with us as women. Newsflash: There’s nothing wrong with you.

Let’s get you back on track, and NO - it’s never too late to start! Our self-guided online course will help you dump the myths & misinformation around sexuality, reclaim self-FULLnesss, and let go of shame.  To get started with your Sex-Ed Reboot, click here!

Woman’s desires and pleasure have been rushed, subverted, pushed aside, downplayed, minimized & shamed -- in our society & our culture, as adolescents and as adults. We are taught at a young age that it’s important to be nice, beautiful and accommodating -- to please others before we please ourselves, to satisfy their needs before our own, to sacrifice, to caretake, to appease, to shrink into a quiet, little pink box wrapped in a bow.

I know I drank the coolaid...

What if finding your Desire requires shedding this culturally-ordained bullshit, refusing to wear the constraints you were given, and redefining who you are by looking at who you want to be

What if prioritizing your Pleasure enabled you to break free, to rebel against “normal”, to choose your creativity and your self-expression over doing one more thing for someone else?

“We underestimate the amount of rebellion necessary on a day-to-day basis -- if we want to feel desire, we have to first rebel.

I know you didn’t plan to wake up one day, look in the mirror and wonder, “What happened to me?” or “Who am I?”  -- we all want to be Bette Davis, not Betty Crocker -- but somehow, you’ve ended up in gender roles that you despise, settling for what’s offered instead of getting what you want, and you’ve lost that sense of joy and playfulness that makes you feel alive.

Whether you’re a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt -- it doesn’t matter. We are here to grow beyond our social expectations, to find our authentic voice, and shout it to the rooftops.

Are you ready to stop hiding - to stop playing small?
Are you ready to step into your personal power & reconnect to your most sensual, authentic self? 
Are you ready to feel alive again - to see the beauty and potential all around you - to bring passion and desire to the forefront of your life?


I can lead you there. Together we will redefine your understanding of sex, sexuality, sensuality, & passion, and help you find your authentic voice. Click here to learn more!

“Great lovers are made, not born” - but it takes doing the work to find out who you are and what you like, and then having the courage to ask for it.”

*Original quote from Peggy Kleinplatz

How does Passion Class work?


Refresh & Reframe

We guide you through issues such as traditional gender roles, under-functioning partners, social expectations, body image, and desire discrepancies, and debunk sexual myths and stereotypes using the latest findings from top researchers in women’s health.

We’ll deconstruct the typical patriarchal, male-oriented misinformation you’ve likely been spoon fed since adolescence, and replace it with up-to-date, sex-positive information to help you reconnect to your sensual, sexual, authentic self. You will learn how to cultivate desire in your day-to-day life.

Re-Commit (to Yourself)

You will also learn to be greedy with your time, and selfish in your self-care -- this work doesn’t come without sacrifice, and some people won’t like the way you’re growing. You will have to overcome discomfort and years of conditioning, restructure parts of your life to better meet your own needs, and take responsibility for communicating what you want, in order to get what you want.


Awareness may be the first step to change, but action is the next best thing. I share thought-provoking journal prompts and exercises, so you can integrate & apply what you’ve learned to your own situation and personal history.

The rewards of doing this work for yourself are boundless and infinite: increased self-awareness & freedom of expression, better boundaries, a mindset focused on pleasure and passion, a new love and appreciation of your body for yourself, and not just how it can please others, and a profound understanding of the erotic as both playful and imaginative.

Currently 4 modules and ever evolving, our online course offers pdf content to go along with video discussions of each topic led by me, Leah Valian, as well as thought-provoking journal prompts and exercises, so you can integrate & apply what you’ve learned to your own situation and personal history.

We provide consolidated references for each topic, with convenient links so you can access them quickly, and continue your re-education outside of the course as well.

I also share my favorite books, workbooks, TED™️ talks, and articles, so you can feel confident that the information being shared in the course is vetted, peer-reviewed and legitimate.

You are not broken, and it is possible to recreate and reconnect to your most sensual, sexual, authentic self.

Sexuality & sensuality are learned practices - so let’s get practicing!

Why work with me?

I am a Certified Sex Therapist & Social Worker with over 25 years of experience helping couples and individuals re-learn how to enjoy their relationships and improve their lives through my therapy practice.

Beyond the boundaries of traditional counseling, I am driven to reach and empower more women through group-style programs and online support. My teachings are heavily influenced by the Masters - Esther Perel, Terry Real, Hedy Schliefer, Gina Ogden and Peggy Kleinplatz - as well as continued learning experiences from my clients. 

Registered Social Worker Ontario College of Social Workers (1997), License No. 421995

Certified Sex Therapist (BESTCO 2015)

Are you ready to find your passion, stoke your desire, and turn on your life?